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Spaces Between Teeth

If you have a space between your teeth that you are uncomfortable with, it may be time to have it corrected to improve your self-image.

A space between your front teeth can be a cause of distraction to the person you are speaking with. It can divert that person's attention from your face to that defect. Correcting this defect will make it easier for others to maintain eye contact with you.
There are several techniques available to close gaps. The method chosen will depend upon the cause of the space, the condition of the adjacent teeth and the amount of time available to correct the defect.

The cause of spacing may be heredity or some personal habit like tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, abnormal swallowing, etc. Another cause in adults is advanced gum disease, leading to loss of supporting bone and the teeth spreading out. The cause of the spacing can determine the technique used for correction.

  Orthodontics, or wearing braces as this treatment is commonly called, is the option used when the person is young (below 30) and the natural teeth are intact and normal in size and shape. The disadvantage is the length of time it takes to accomplish the desired results. It is a relatively permanent treatment provided the patient has worn the retainers long enough to stabilize the teeth that have been moved.
  Bonding is a highly effective treatment for spacing of teeth when used as a semi-permanent solution. Composite resin is a plastic material that can be applied to the teeth in a single visit and the result obtained immediately. However, bonded teeth are susceptible to chipping, cracking and staining. The material is expected to last 3 - 5 years.
  Using Veneers to treat spacing of teeth is a long lasting solution and is especially effective when spaces are not uniform. The ceramic material used to construct veneers is much stronger than resin and gives a very natural and life-like appearance to the treated teeth. The disadvantage is the higher cost of the procedure.
  Crowning a tooth to close a space can be considered to be an overkill, unless the tooth needs a crown for other reasons. It involves more time and additional cost. The natural tooth has to be reduced to a particular shape and to make space for the crown. It is a very long lasting solution and can give a very pleasing result.


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